Wallet doesn't sync. "No block sources available" and "synchronizing with network"


I’m having a problem with the QT wallet. I have been staking normally for about 1 week, but suddenly yesterday it stopped working. It’s not synchronizing with the network, saying one of the messages on the headline. I haven’t done any changes to the wallet options etc. so it’s kind of a mystery why this happens.

Any help?

Which version are you running ?
What OS are you on?
What is the last block you have ?
How many connections do you have ?
Anything done with your inet connection since last time it worked ?

My reddcoin QT version is behaving fine (e.g. currently at block: 1002413 with 8 connections)

porttikortti if all fails: did you try restarting your client yet ?

Version is
Windows 7
Last block is 1000638
1 connection (usually has been 2-8 connections)
Nothing has been done with internet connection

I have restarted my client multiple times, doesn’t help.

It’s weird, it sometimes says “no available block source” and after some time “synchronizing with network” but doesn’t do anything.

try adding
-seednode=dnsseed.redd.ink to the commandline
seednode=dnsseed.redd.ink to the conf file

Oh, now i feel stupid. It finished syncing. It just for some reason took longer than normally.
Just another question. How do i get more connections? It has 8 connections and that’s the max i can get.

porttikortti when you only have a max of 8 connections, it means that you dont have the necessary port open on your network router.
For Reddcoin, you want to open port 45444. More specifically, it will depend on your router. You may also have to open a port on a firewall as well.

Allright, thanks for the help!
I tried opening the port on my router, but i don’t think i did it right, as the port forwarding thing is very weird in my router settings. Maybe i’ll just settle to 8 connections.

porttikortti 8 connections is ok for normal operation,
these are 8 outgoing connections
if you want to act as a full node, you need to open the port to allow external nodes to connect to yours.
Then you will see the count increase over 8

But with 8 connections i’m staking normally? and having the normal chances to win the reward?

Yes, it is ok, you will be staking normally

Gnasher erkan
Allright, thanks for the help!
And happy new year :slight_smile:

Cheers. Just should out if you have any questions

porttikortti Hellow I have the same problem whit my wallet and have no support look

Coul resolve the problem? can you help me?



Did you try the suggestion in this post??

Tks porttikortti "try adding
-seednode=dnsseed.redd.ink to the commandline

Honestly i don know how to add comand line, in the wallet i didnt find any place to add, maybe irun CMD in the window. and restar my redcoin client i ha no idea, waiting sugestion

tks jorge

jorgeac66 said:


I get open port 45444 and add at firewall this port, dont work

than i put in firewall “C:\Program Files (x86)\Reddcoin\reddcoin-qt.exe” and dont work too!!!


The other option for you is to add:


to the reddcoin.conf file and restart the wallet

Gnasher do you know why I can add seednode=dnsseed.redd.ink where ? there are a tutorial here? can indicate me?


First you need to locate your reddcoin.conf file,
I am assuming you are running windows.

The typical path for windows is
%APPDATA%\Reddcoin\ C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Reddcoin\reddcoin.conf

By default this file is not normally created, so you will need to create the file if it does not exist
if file reddcoin.conf does not exist, then create it.

add the line
to the file and save
be careful that the file is named reddcoin.conf
and not reddcoin.conf.txt (this is a common mistake)