Wallet empty after "reindicate blocks on harddrive". Any hope for me?

Hey guys,

my PC crashed and when i restarted it my wallet said it’s out of sync. It asked if i want to “reindicate blocks on Harddrive” (sorry translating from german wallet) i clicked “Yes” now my Wallet says:

Wallet (not in sync)

Transactions (not in sync)
here i can see my two transactions

I have my password but no backup file or anything. Are my RDD lost? Last time it took like 3 days to sync even with my good connection. Now i am just curious if i my wallet will show the correct amount again once the wallet is back in sync.

If you haven’t reinstalled your operating system, there should be a backup in Shadow Copy.

First, have you even checked to see if your wallet was still in your AppData?

Shadowcopy was no active on my system but after rebuilding the index for a few days my wallet is back in sync and is showing the correct amout of coins. Now i immediately backed up my wallet.

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Such question!
long ago I didn’t open a purse and I have decided to open! I have opened, and there peeps that there is no connection and so forth.
I have updated a purse. There has taken place synchronization. But all rdd have disappeared! What to do and how to be???