Wallet Encryption Question From Reddit User STEFLOAN on /r/reddcoin

‘‘Sorry for PMing you for that but I didn’t want to create a topic on Reddcoin forum or subbreddit for a simple question. I would be really pleased if you can explain me this.
When I backup my wallet there is a .dat file. Is this file protected? My wallet is always encrypted. Does this mean the backup file (.dat) is encrypted as well? Or should I compress it with another password as well?

IIRC Your wallet will be backed up with the encryption, so if you load it on another PC you will need to know the password to send funds!

I gave him this response privately but for clarity’s sake I am putting my response here for general consumption and commentUsername / Website said:

Your wallet is encrypted with the password you created by default. If you are confident your password is ‘‘brute force resistant’’ then you are free to store it as is. I do a couple of different things including zip files and true crypt…etc as well as storing them with another extension not the .dat for instance…changing the file type to a .doc, .mp3,.jpg etc…not as sexy but just as effective if there are people sniffing for .dat files


Naro You were pretty quick…I got a PM and I am posting his question here for comment along with my reply.

Yap that is the standart! Your .dat password is for encryption and decryption purposes…

If people want more layers of protection then your mini tutorial is a good thing… And keeping them offline as well…

Although one does that he will lose the staking process… because is online… mauahahah! :slight_smile:

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