wallet has stopped syncing while staking with 8 active connections

It has been 8 days since My wallet stopped syncing with the network. It has 8 active connections to the network but never catches up. It was also in the middle of staking and 70,808 out of 71,316 were being staked at the time. I have tried every which way to completely re sync my wallet and I don’t know what else to do, every time I uninstall, remove every scrap of reddcoin from my computer, and re download it just starts right where it left off. My money is stuck and I doubt my wallet has been staking or making me any more coin. Hopefully one of you geniuses can solve all my problems, Thanks In advance

I am same as you,
My computer is working for one week and get same result as you…
there is a timer and it is 30 days for 2 days…
Just waiting…

volkiceper by any chance can you include a screenshot of what you have on your screen? Might be a simple fix.

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lvtion I’m not sure how to add a screenshot on here. the number of active connections I have now is 41 but still no progress

alt text

Also, if someone can help me I’ll tip 1000rdd

Alright! what do I need to do?

rhyslowrl I have similar problem, I’ve reloaded the blockchain, installed newer wallets twice, I am using core. Every week day and some weekends I have open and staking. I was getting weekly payments up to 25th Jan 2018. Since then zero payment, I still have 8 active connections, with a total and ave. weight of 5138510 and expected to earn reward once every 1 day… But nothing, very strange???

I’ve tried everything including different connections on various networks via LAN via Wireless via hotspot, but no joy???

I am currently staking Ark and Lisk too, Ark beats everything else handsdown, I really don’t want to sell up RDD but this trying my patience…

JoeBloggs This is a common misconception. Even if it says “expected to earn”, that doesn’t say “guaranteed to earn” each day. It’s a lottery, in essence. Think of mining, you’re not GUARANTEED to earn a block. Just keep your pc on 24/7. Sometimes I get 2 stakes in 1 day and I have a very small amount on this machine (80,000 RDD)

lvtion I do understand the lottery reward consensus protocol, but from ave. every 7 days and now 50 days and counting is obviously a clear problem. I have 208 087.17695993 RDD so it’s a lot of lottery tickets too :slight_smile: It just seems that, on the balance of probabilities, there is a problem…

JoeBloggs Have you verified it may not be a wallet issue but just a network issue? Your internet may be fine but things drop off quickly and you don’t realize it. This happens at my house. I haven’t received a stake on my home PC and I have 90,000 RDD on that one.

What I’m saying is, try to use another pc somewhere else and see how that fares, if you can. Or just another machine on the same internet. Doesn’t really matter as long as we can rule it out.

Well I understand there is the common problem of people no getting rewards, however I don’t have that problem. For me, my wallet is just stuck on a block and can’t move past it I guess and I do not know what to do, It was staking and had earned me quite a few rdd the day before and the day of leading up to this mishap.

rhyslowrl what you could try is to reindex your block state.

If you’re on windows, close the program, make sure it shuts down fully.

Then use this:
reddcoin-qt.exe -reindex

assuming you know where your reddcoin wallet is installed.

Let me know if this helps.

thank you for your suggestion, but please forgive my stupidity when I ask, what do you mean use this? How/where do I do so? I know where my wallet is located but not sure what you mean

I was able to fix it by removing my wallet data, opening the wallet, then replacing my wallet data and re-syncing my wallet (using a pre downloaded block data file) Thank you for all your help though lvtion