wallet re-syncing and lost coins after unexpected reboot

First I would like to say I appreciate and thankful for any assistants.

The issue; recently there was a power outage which caused my computer (PC, Desktop, Win) to reboot while I had reddcoin wallet running/staking (Reddcoin Core I launched reddcoin wallet and it’s trying to sync from scratch (it claimed it would take 4 years) and now I have zero coins (initially 96k before the reboot). I waited for about 6 hours and now it displays 3 years and 44 weeks.

If anyone knows a fix (restore missing coins and get wallet to sync) for this please share and thank you.

Just FYI, I’ve re-installed and tried using bootstrap file but it still attempts to sync.

You must wait for the wallet to fully synchronize. Your coins won’t show up until the block(s) that tell they were there are on your end (downloaded).

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lvtion Yes you are correct and I found a way to speed the process, by downloading “quick sync files”. I did create a backup of wallet.dat file and re-installed everything just in case.

It’s working now, thank you!