wallet reinstalled and lost my coins

i have big problem
i downloaded offline wallet and sent my rdd to my offline wallet but after i send them i downloaded 2.7 gb google drive file for sync fast…but after i downloaded and copy them to right directory i can not open my wallet again…always there is problem report on my mac…

then i uninstall and re install my wallet again but i can not find my old adress in wallet and because of this i cant take my reddcoins to my wallet

please help me !!!

FIRST: make a copy of your wallet file wallet.dat to somewhere safe.

SECOND: ---- NEVER send your wallet to someone offering that they can recover your coins. You'll never see them again.

Let’s move on:

Step 1:
Open Terminal. You may copy and paste or retype (recommended) the commands shown here exactly.

cp ~/Library/Application\ Support/reddcoin/wallet.dat ~/wallet.dat.bak

You should have a file called wallet.dat.bak in your user folder now. Verify that is there before continuing.

Step 2:

We have to clear out the reddcoin folder. That includes the block indexes and all of that stuff.

Instead of deleting everything though, let’s be on the safe side.

In that same terminal window, let’s just move it. Make sure your wallet is not running and there’s no icon near the clock.

Use this in Terminal:
mv ~/Library/Application\ Support/reddcoin ~/Library/Application\ Support/reddcoinbackupfolder

THEN make a new reddcoin data folder:
mkdir ~/Library/Application\ Support/reddcoin/

The squiggles and blackslashes are VERY important!

Step 3:

Let’s copy your wallet backup back to a new reddcoin folder.
cp ~/wallet.dat.bak ~/Library/Application\ Support/reddcoin/wallet.dat

If all is well, you have a copy of your wallet, the client should work (although it still needs to sync) so check here for help with that: