Wallet showing transactions, but no balance

I had to restore my wallet from backup. When I replace the wallet.dat file, I can see transactions from 2014, but none since then. Is there something I am missing from the wallet pulling in more recent transactions from the blockchain?

If you don’t use “coin control” every transaction results in your remaining coins being moved to a random generated change address.
In this case you have to make a new backup after every single transaction or your coins will be lost if anything happens to your recent wallet.dat.
I’m very sorry but if this is your problem, then theres is no way of getting your coins back.

ball0r can you explain what coin control is? Also if you do not use coin control do you just need to back up after every transaction?

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You have to activate this option in settings.
After that you will be able specify exactly from which address you want to send Reddcoin and on which one you will get the change of this transaction.
I’m not sure if its a good idea to let it send the change back to the address where the transaction is coming from.
So for myself I’m using two adresses (A and B) and everytime I’m starting a transaction from “A” I set it up to send the change to “B”.
In this case no new address will be generated and an old backup will be as useful as an recent one.

I see the need for a tutorial here :wink:

ball0r yes very much so… but for now we should tell everyone they need to backup there wallet after every transaction. I didn’t know that. Very important. Going to look into the coin control now.

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Honestly I’m very scared about how people are taking everything as obvious and dealing with their money as it’s just candy.
I have the feeling that everyday somebody is losing some money because of that.
Nearly nobody knows the basics about the blockchain technology and wallet software although it’s very important for the safety of their coins…

ball0r yeah that is why my name is CoinChaos, because it’s scary out here. This is all new tech that we have never used before and we are all trying to learn about it. Plus there is new tech coming out all the time. It’s crazy and all of it sounds unbelievable.


Yeah, that fits it well ^^
I’m still thinking about what to do against this problem but without the support of the devs this will be an everlasting fight.
I forgot when i saw a mod on this forum the last time.

Maybe we should open a mod request thread and spam the shit out of that pesky telegram group to get some attention.

ball0r Last mod post was 4 days ago and 15 day ago for admin. You can message them on here. Go up to the Groups section and it will show you all the admins and mods.

Okay looks like i missed something :slight_smile:
But four or even 14 days in this busy times is still a long duration.

Is this the case if I have only sent reddcoin and not received? When I look at the transactions, they all show as conflicted…

This is only the case if you’re sending coins.
If you are receiving coins they will only be transferred to the address you or the sender has specified.

I can’t say anything about conflicted transactions in lack of experience, sorry!