Wallet suddenly not the same?

Hi. I installed the reddcoin wallet and send 98000 RDD to it. Then I saw it wasn’t synced and not connected to the network? how do I connect it to the internet? And then I shut down my wallet and now I can’t open the wallet any more. I can only launch the installer. I installed the wallet again (on another location) but how can I get my old wallet back? there is the option to save a backup but how can I load a backup? thanks in advance.

Smicksus wait for wallet to sync. if u have installed it anywhere do not delete any file or uninstall it yet

thanks for your reply. It has synced. But for the people who have the same problem with the installation: Instal the files on another location and copy the files from the original folder to the new location. It restores your old wallet.

i downloaded the wallet…how long does it take to sync

been syncing all day and barely moved

Reddaro Download the Bootstrap file and place it in your installation folder. restart the application and leave your pc on over night. It should be done by then. :slight_smile:

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Reddaro Also, be aware that it might not show it moving very well. I had mine “stuck” on 2 years, and some weeks, for a while, but it’s because it’s processing and not updating the UI. Not a big deal really…Eventually it’ll be quicker…but Redd-ID takes precedence…