wallet sync hang up

Using Reddcoin-Qt since more than one year without any problems, now the wallet sync up to block 1718945 and hang up, Last block 27weeks old. Other wallets are still working, e.g. like Capricoin-Qt, so I´m pretty sure it doesns´t have to do with my local network. But who know´s? Any help highly appreciated!

Is Reddcoin-qt showing any connections to the network?
Some time ago my windows firewall has blocked the connection without any reason.
I had to unblock it and since then it’s working fine.

Yes 8 active connections are established - By the way, I forgot it at the initial post: I´m using MacBook

Okay, that’s good.
Have you encrypted your wallet?
In this case it has to be unlocked even to sync with the network.
If it’s still not working I would try to delete/replace the blockchain data. (backup your wallet.dat first!)
This should help

ball0r Yes,encrypted, unlocked, etc. Nope.
Now I replaced the blockchain data along with a very good description at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFxb0gW6nfE
Thank you!