wallet sync

Hello, I am a complete novice in pc’s as well as crypto currency. I recently bought 240,000 reddcoin but for the life of me I cannot figure out this sync option. Im not familiar with files and directories and basically need someone to hold my hand. I extracted my bootstrap but have no idea how to interact it with my wallet. I need . Can someone please help me with this.


I dont understand everything about the files and Username / Website said:

hi i have some problem, i sent reddcoins to my os x wallet but it is out of sync. what can i do about it pls help

Jordan533 Hello,

Did you try to follow this tutorial.

reppa yeah i am trying now but i wanna learn something coins can’t reached my wallets ,can i send back to market ?

Ciwax your wallet needs to be synced for you to send coins, but I can help you get the wallet set up. Go to computer local disk, user, then your user name, then look for appdate folder, if you cannot see it, you have to go to file and change folder and search options then click view tab and click show hidden folders. So once you do that and you are in the appdate file, go to roaming and then reddcoin folder. Drop the extracted bootstrap into that folder and start the reddcoin core wallet. You will start downloading and it might look like it is frozen, but just leave it and let it do its thing. Once it catches up, it will run nice and smooth. And you need to leave the core open as much as possible so you always stay synced. I hope this helps.


CoinChaos thnx :)) i did :slight_smile: