Wallets sync trouble

Hello Community,

Can someone help me with syncing / wallets?

I had a computer crash and somehow the chainstate got corrupted, so i started with a new install of the wallet.
I did some searching on the reddcoin site and ann. Here is where i am at:

  • on Windows 7
  • i have backup of wallet.dat
  • Reddcoin and Reddcoin both do not sync past block 701075 (43 weeks behind). There is a warning showing: “Displayed transactions may not be correct!. You may need to upgrade, or other nodes may need to upgrade.”

  • Reddcoin-electrum just doesn’t go online. And if i did manage to figure out how to get it online, i can’t figure out how to import wallet.dat

  • ReddWallet (new social wallet!?) seems to be syncing and looks like it is currently at block 3000. however i can’t figure out how to import wallet.dat

Help is much appreciated as i’m going on two weeks now without being able to stake.



Hi EkimFlow

For Electrum wallet, we have added some new server nodes (just search this forum for electrum)
However, you are not able to import the wallet.dat, as it is a different format

Reddwallet is depreciated for the time being

Your main wallet ( should sync, so lets focus on that for the moment
After you uninstalled the wallet and backed up the the wallet.dat
Did you also remove the old directories from the data directory??

My suggestion would be to make a backup of the %appdata%/reddcoin directory by renaming

Then start the Reddcoin wallet

This will be like a fresh installation (start downloading from the first block)
I would also suggest that you exclude the reddcoin data directory from your antivirus

Thanx for reply Gnasher ,

“Did you also remove the old directories from the data directory?? My suggestion would be to make a backup of the %appdata%/reddcoin directory by renaming”

yes i did this.

started with fresh install. downloaded the bootstrap. it imported the bootstrap and now it’s stuck at 43 weeks behind.
antivirus situation hasn’t changed sinds it did work.




  • just did another fresh install, now 112 week behind (no warning showing) . really do not want to wait another 4 to 5 days syncing just to have it stop again.

  • did search for electrum server nodes, can not find them

  • if i get electrum wallet online: can i transfer coins from Reddcoin even when not synced ?

New electrum nodes

Try using the unofficial bootstrap from this thread
It will bring you up to January 2016

You will need to wait for the wallet to be sync’d before transferring
The reason being, until the blockchain is fully loaded, it wont know what coins are available

tnx Gnasher . will try


  • electrum online. does electrum stake?

EkimFlow Electrum wallet does not stake, but that is something we are looking for the future

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Still could use some help here:

  • blockchain is up to date
  • however it takes close to 3 hours to open the Wallet. it says ‘rescanning’
  • first thing i tried when i had the wallet open and up to date was do a password change (upgrading all passwords recently) . What i got in the middle of changing the password was a ‘runtime error’ . so the wallet closed again.
  • next time i was to late and the wallet had crashed on its own.
  • now i’m waiting for it to open again.
  • so still not able to stake or send coins somewhere else.

help please

edit: now the wallet just crashes upon opening. getting messages like ‘database corrupted’ and then the ‘runtime error’ again.

  • is trying (testing) the V2 wallet an option?
  • if you would let me try/test the V2 wallet, would i be able to use the backed up wallet.dat file?

EkimFlow Are you able to provide your debug.log file.
There is something clearly not right with your setup

with version 2, it will work with your wallet.dat but it will also update it to the new format.
I would like to understand the issue you are having, before suggesting going to V2.

I probably torture 1.4.1 more than most
I run it on a win7 box, P4 with 2GB memory, and slow IDE harddrive
In all cases, where i have caused it to crash, i have been able to identify the issue and resolve it.

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the debug.log is in the Reddcoin folder?


  • found it.
  • how do i send it to you?

EkimFlow PM’d


if i rename the full wallet.dat, it creates a new empty wallet.dat and loads in under 1 minute.
so it’s only ‘rescanning’ the full wallet

EkimFlow after reading your logfile, it appears that there is some issue reading it.
Can you make a backup copy of wallet.dat
Then start your wallet with the commandline option -salvagewallet
This will attempt to recover your private keys into a new file
And it will also perform a rescan of transaction, so will take a while.

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i did the following in cmd.exe:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Reddcoin>reddcoin-qt.exe -salvagewallet

that’s what you meant right?

the wallet is now ‘rescanning…’

This will have copied you old wallet and renamed it
Created a new wallet.dat and imported the private keys
rescanned the blockchain from 0, to gather all of your old transactions.

I didnt check, but do you have a lot of transactions in this wallet.dat file?
A thought to reduce its size would be to create a new wallet.dat, and get a new address and send the coins from the old wallet to the new

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thank you, thank you, thank you.
It worked. Send everything to new wallet, just to be save.
However staking wil just build up the transactions again won’t it?

How can i help Reddcoin? I’m still interested in testing V2 Wallet.

I’m just an average user, no programming skills to speak of. New to crypto, but grinding my way to new knowledge. Did i mention i got hacked the day after i got into to crypto. Hacker stole all my first Reddcoin and DogeCoin. So i secured my comp and bought some Reddcoin again.



ps thank you again
pps just send you a (test) tip, to see how that works


EkimFlow thats great to hear
Your coins will gain coin age again and will be able to stake
as staking occurs, you will build a transaction list. in your wallet again
this should not be a problem…(many are running their wallet for a long time with 1000’s of transactions)
test tip received…

Good to hear you made good progress

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