want to buy reddcoins

is there a site where you can buy reddcoins for your wallet that is its price worth?
The only place ive seen is shapeshift and its too expensive (nearly 200 euros transaction cost for 1 btc exchange to rdd). wesellcrypto is expensive, too.

I use https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-RDD

thanks but i am looking for a exchange site to charge to the wallet.
i am not looking for trading sites

mdngt most, if not all sites that do a direct exchange to your wallet will charge a premium. Mostly to cover the risk of chargeback (wesellcrypto) or the fact that they need to exchange in the background and need to ride the price fluctuations. This is the price you pay for convenience.

Another option, where you control the address would be Bitsquare, a decentralised exchange who recently incorporated Reddcoin


okay then i am buying from someone else over third hand is there someone who is selling rdd?

i want to buy 10 millions if someone is selling pm me