We Wish You A Merry Christmas! (Free Reddcoins)

Christmas is just 1 day away and all of us at CyberFy would like to thank you all for supporting our project and helping us bring innovation to the file-sharing & Reddcoin world.

We are not requiring you to sign up on our website, but it would be greatly appreciated! We want you to benefit, using our unlimited file storage.

Simply post your Address and we will give you 500 Reddcoins as our Christmas gift to you.

Bless you all, and have a merry Christmas!

cyberfy A merry Christmas to you and your team also.
Peace and Happiness to all.



cyberfy RdnmijtSGZ9MRN2NYwdjAhYqB7fC2pKmx1 is my addy

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Merry christmas to all!
My address is in my signature.

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Thank you! Merry christmas and may 2015 be a very good year!!


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cyberfy Merry Christmas to you too… and wishing you and your team more great things to come…

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All gifts have been sent! Have a great Christmas and please check out our free service!


thanks for the redds… do i have to sign up just to view the services?

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To use it, yes sir. CyberFy is a free & unlimited file hosting service. Currently we give away 250-1,000 Reddcoins weekly to a random user.

Merry Christmas <3

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May 2015 be the best year for reddcoiners. Thank you guys.

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IIIIIHIIIII You too my friend. reddcoiner It has been sent. Enjoy.

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Definitely the best present I’ll be receiving this Christmas! Thanks, Merry Christmas! RqZTMWdcJ1yRzzsBoPDyrngb92EUrrXBhz

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greybtc Cryptolized dusty All sent!

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Thanks for the tips cyberfy!

Merry Christmas, and happiness to all. :slight_smile:

Oliver FaintinGoat Sent you Reddcoins. Be sure to check out our awesome website! https://cyberfy.ninja

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Our Christmas giveaway is finished. We hope you all enjoyed the free Reddcoins.