Welcome worn out


I have taken the rare option of putting a temp ban on one of the user (abuser) of this site.

If they can provide any evidence of the bold claims they make, both here and on twitter, happy to reinstate.

I suspect that this person will not be able to provide the evidence they claim.


Gnasher welldone.


Great job! Well done


Yes thanks a lot. Enjoy the silence.


Well done, you’re completely right


is it possible to delete all his misplaced messages?


Just say interesting stuff and scroll them off into history :slight_smile:


Nice, was getting tired seeing all the useless information from this person…


Well done, was waiting for this.


Thank you!


А как мне очистить свои уведомления после этого идиота -ProRDDTrader, я потерял суть от этого спама, как мне удалить все это?

And how do I clear my notifications after this idiot -ProRDDTrader, I lost the essence of this spam, how do I remove all this?


Malcev : Notifications–>“Mark all notifications read”,