West-Aurora Guesthouse, The little guesthouse at the end of the world.

A few months ago I talked about the plan to open a guesthouses who approved Reddcoin as a payment here in Iceland Westfjords , We plan to open the guesthouse this summer.It is not ready but we intend to open the guesthouse whether we are ready or not, but we are on the way there and we expect to be able to receive the the first guest in mid-July. The plan is to open an Indiegogo campaign, to help us with the project.But that plan is for next winter and next summer.
We will accept payment in Dollars,Euro,Isk and RDD and we will give people a 25% discount if persons pay with RDD!!
Some could become negative and asked why we are doing this, to accept RDD as payment. And the answer is ,because I can !
Here is a link on our facebook page.-- https://www.facebook.com/pages/West-Aurora-Guesthouse/1424823577837434
The Indiegogo site is launched, hopefully early next month.

Ragnar84 I always wanted to visit iceland and the pictures on your facebook page look really great. A 25% discount makes it even more interesting :slight_smile: please keep us informed about your project!


It’s looking great!

Love the photos on the FB page.

Please keep us updated with the launch, campaign, etc.

Same as ReddcoinRocks, always wanted to visit Iceland, looks like wonderful place!

Do you know which range the prices will be in?

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