What are some ways we can make reddcoin other then mining

Well I just made 5000 reddcoins and I want to make it to 20.000 before the launch . I believe the price of redd will skyrocket . What are some ways that we can make more redd aside from mining?


when you believe it is going to skyrocket: buying now with “real” money will profit you anyways, so head over to the exchanges and buy

I don’t have much ‘real money’ to spend :confused: All I had was 5$ in poloniex which I will buy tomorrow if I can’t find another way. I need to find a way to make as much redd as possible before the launch.

CaptainCorporate maybe you can help with the ongoing translating work for the new wallet, people usually tip for the efforts put into translating :slight_smile:

CaptainCorporate just sent you 15 k btw :slight_smile: as a welcome to the community present, remember to subscribe to the Reddheads news letter!

Redd when you say translation, you mean french, english ect? if yes then i can help with french.

Redd I sent 5 k also

maybe check this out: https://www.reddcointalk.org/topic/777/for-no-dev-guys-and-gals-what-can-we-do

and remember if you do something for the community rewards in the range of 10-20 k RDD are pretty normal for your efforts :slight_smile: