What do you believe will be Reddcoins biggest application?

It’s the charitable crypto-currency , once Redd-ID is released that’s when it will be observable to see the ways users will distribute it. But also when the price will rise that’s when I believe we shall see it for more commonly used via digital services on the web. But I’d love to see an option for tipping on Youtube , band-camp , soundcloud as I believe this cyrpto-coin has the potential to support underrated music artists , especially ones who occasionally release free music. I can see that it will be used to for peers to pay one another through sharing content or spreading the word of a new app, website or video via reddit, twitter etc.
So I ask you, what do you believe will be Reddcoins biggest application in the future?

i think so but i dont know much about the developers

jonnytracker well it is a cryptocurrency think it as any other one, but what is different is that people can send funds completely out of kindness if they choose to. I saw a post on r/reddcoin with someone describing their financial position with regards that they are in need of some help. They posted there reddcoin address and people starting tipping as the story did sound sincere. Just one way the coins tipping mechanism could be applied.
Do some research and let me know what you think it could be used for , i’d like to hear.