What kind of practical applications will redID gives us?

I wish to be able to buy a car without seeing a sales person, just scan and drive away, insured licensed and happy :grinning:

I’m pretty sure can do this already good sir or it can be arranged.

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I think it will have some really good use. It’s way easier to remember a name then the shitty long wallet address. To be honest I really have transferring crypto. Always send a few to be sure then send the rest. When we get reddid it will be so nice to send redd

I would love to see it being used on Twitch and other gaming platforms. I think this is where it can take off and really have grow with some communities. Micro-tipping is easy and can turn into a real income stream for the gamers.

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I agree 100% with SoCalFlyFisher a perfect example of tipping for streamers would be patreon.com if reddcoin got on there then i could easy see the coin hit $1 and maybe more.

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It wont be easy to use redd id because you need to use adress first to buy a ID so basically it is the same as a wallet