What language do you speak to promote reddcoin. And what is your country/continent.

I personally speak english and french, and I am learning Chinese and a Somme Greek. Since I believe in multi- langual communications to be better connected. its also good for doing business abroad. I live in Canada/ Quebec, So I can speak to the french community about reddcoin. Cheers to all.

I speak and am a native greek!


Reddcoinnoob multi-lingual people always impress me.

Gnasher same, thus why I want to learn more languages with time. and im starting yougth to do soo, 24 years old :stuck_out_tongue:

Reddcoinnoob i know a little bit of Filipino and Cantonese

Gnasher Im learning mandarin, basically the official language of china, but cantonease is still spoken, but it considered street languange, just like in canada quebec, we have the official french, and then we got the old school french dating back 400 years ago, that we still speak.

Reddcoinnoob I spent a few years working in Hong Kong, Cantonese was the main language there, hence my interest.
Everyone told me to learn Mandarin, but Cantonese was much cooler :slight_smile:

Gnasher hahaha of course, its street language,its always cooler hahaha,liek i prefer speaking my QUEBECOIS version then the real french , thougt we still add some official french word and mix it up with english words at times. mandarin was mostly if i travel and wanted to be sure i am understood at many locations trough china. hope to travel there one day.