What people see when they want to find some info about RDD

  1. when i type in Google “rdd price” some headline says “Reddcoin Price Continues to Fall - CCN: Financial Bitcoin” , of course its from year 2014… but still not nice that this headline hangs there as this price would still continue to fall", as its not true in 2016

  2. In this site - coinwarz, popular one, we see warning “Warning: Reddcoin is no longer being monitored as of 3-18-2016” http://www.coinwarz.com/cryptocurrency/coins/reddcoin and also status “unhealthy”

Maybe some smart ppl know how its can be fixed.

platais09 thanks for bringing this to our attention
It will take some time to get google search to push the negative type news down.

I will try and get in contact with coinwarz admins to see whats behind their decision

Also noticed - if i type “rdd talk” in google it gives me this link as the first one
But info about wallet versions there (in bitcointalk forum) are so outdated, of corse - i dont know if anyone here have access to edit this post in Bitcointalk, it might be a probl then.