What To Do with Donations

So BitMart tried to shake more money out of RDD, tough life out in exchangeland and I get it. I do agree that we shouldn’t (from what I am hearing, it’s high bot/wash trade volume site but can’t prove it) bend a knee to them, or any exchange at this point in time because cash is too critical.

Last I remember, what BitMart wanted initially was roughly 2 BTC. If I remember correctly, this is the same amount a third party wanted to get mobile (staking) wallet out the door within weeks. I would much rather see the money spent on the mobile wallet (and to be able to buy RDD on the wallet via Visa/Mastercard) as this will help move RDD forward in two ways. First is the obvious that more RDD placed in mobile RDD that stakes from new purchases or from V2 wallets will push POSV2V into existence earlier then what it will then current our rate of progression. Second, and most vital, this allows us to do one on one, belly to belly, promoting RDD at any location. We can literally grow RDD community on a weekly basis just by talking and offering to tip our friends, family, new folks we just met for trying out the wallet from their app or play store just by talking to two people a week and successfully getting one of those two to download the app. And the cool thing is once they download and watch it stake, are going to get hooked on it.

By increasing participation, we create demand for our beloved RDD. Demand is what is needed to increase the token’s worth on the market. More people are downloading the wallet and adding to it to watch it grow faster, the supply drops and price increases. Now RDDID is critical as well, I do agree with that, but to me, mobile wallet is the cornerstone of RDD growth.