What's happening in your part of the world this holiday season?

Hi all,

I am in Canada and this year, one of the snowiest parts of Canada :smiley:

It’s not as cold as it often is and we don’t have quite the amount of snow we usually have so it’s kind of a nice break from the usual extreme weather that generally accompanies the family gatherings etc

I am taking the day for myself and hitting some online games and otherwise filling my face with delicious foods and relaxing, tomorrow is another work day and Sunday is my family gathering.

In Canada right now, new refugees are being brought in and resettled as quickly as possible, we have a new Prime Minister for the first time in 9 years and he is my age (wow). We as a country are generally less embarrassed with ourselves for the time being, a trend I hope continues.

What is happening in your home, in your community, in your country this season?

All the best to you and yours :smiley:

Almost forgot it was Christmas…came to the office at 5 am and it is now 12 hours later. Finished my project building learning modules for every major language on the EARTH! I think it is first! The activity is increasing on the site and I have awarded many thousands of coins to people who are learning!

I’ll go out to eat if anything is open! Learn a language and get paid! http://whycoin.org

PS: I have the site map up as an index at the moment…Google loves it!

This remind me of the 1990’s when I had 400 domains and built a $30,000 a month search business…all designed to do advertising. It was AltVista then! I know how to work with MASS files, and file manipulation. Haven’t done it for over 20 years, but nothing has changed. When the search word hits get big enough, I will put advertising on! WhyFund Inc. will make some money!

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Not as cold as usual in the UK either.

Family gathering is fully underway here and in many other households also, as usual!

Generally people celebrating Christmas - I take this opportunity to wish all the best to the community here. May 2016 bring joy and success to everyone.


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Unusually snowy and cold for this time of year in Colorado. The east coat has unusually warm weather and it seems like many parts of the world are seeing unusual weather patterns. Hope everyone has a great holiday and New year despite all the wacky weather :wink:

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