What's keeping you busy?

Just popping by to say hi!!

I am a little behind in my blog updates, but that doesn’t mean that development has stopped.
I have been on a winning streak with Redd-ID and didn’t want the momentum of development to halt

One of the things besides Redd-ID that I have been working on (although fundamentally it is related), has been manually (programmatically) creating Reddcoin transactions and offline signing.

There are a few tools available to do this for Bitcoin, but in all cases these have needed to be adapted to fit the Reddcoin protocol. Suffice to say, we now have the tools to do this (in python at least)

I am in the process now of tidying up the code, and once done, will be able to make it available publically

What have you been doing?

Great to hear things are going smoothly. It is funny but with you, no news always seems to be good news, Haven’t heard from Gnasher? Great he is probably making great progress on some code :wink:

I have been busy reading up on internal organs and biochemistry for a large exam and took up climbing a couple of months ago which is ridiculously fun, am hoping to go to Australia for a bit between semesters in January to climb :smiley:

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Redd I do try to keep everyone updated. I have always said that is important in any size project.

And it sounds like you have had your hands full also… hope your exams are successful

I would be crap at climbing, vertigo would probably overtake me.
I am more of a 2 feet on the ground sort of guy (although I love flying)

If you’re ever down this way, we should organise a mini Reddcoin Conference in Australia
There are a few Reddheads down-under.
Can discuss the finer points over a cold beer (which you will need in January)

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I just closed on my first home yesterday, along with moving most of the stuff into the house. My back is sore…

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bmp02050 Exciting days ahead for you I am sure


Real work and finding an effective way to run a new skating platform.

Note: It looks like I will rely on BIP44 compatible software to generate respective code for interested participant instead of using multi-signature just like blockchain.info.

I think I will need more coffee.

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Gnasher would be great! I am going to Perth, which coast are you on? :slight_smile:

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Redd I am on the East Coast - Sydney

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Gnasher I hope that thunderstorm asthma isn’t headed your way…

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bigmapidea thankfully missed where I live.
Truly one of nature’s weird phenomena


Gnasher Good to hear! Yea that’s the a wild one for sure.

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Thanks for the update John. Keep it up with Redd-ID!

I have been flat out during a major transition at work. I took the decision over the summer to hand over my responsibilities by the end of the year. The last four years have been amazing and an incredible amount has been achieved thanks to a great team. I’m looking to do something entirely different from January 2017, but for now the lead up to the end of 2016 is taking up all my energy and concentration.

Looking forward to getting back into the swing of Reddcoin in a few weeks!

Wow, congratulations to you! Anyway, what is the next step after this? And how will buyers clean such a large house? Will they use company like EMOP or do it on their own? Very interesting!