Whats the safest way to stake Reddcoin?

I’ve been taking some time to harden my security this last few weeks, and i’ve got a few questions. The safest way to hold my Redd would be to put it into cold storage or air gap it. But to stake, it must be connected to the network, what would be the safest staking setup look like if i create a dedicated system? In the past i’ve held my staking wallet on my daily use laptop and i’m thinking its time to separate the two.


I use StakeUI on a closed privat network, where only my computer has access to the staking server.


Convertor mind if you share how you do it here?

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sum https://www.reddcointalk.org/topic/484/stakeui-your-staking-interface

err… i’m kinda noob in this… i will transfer all my rdd to my raspberry wallet as soon as it finished downloading blocks. what should i do next? maybe you can write a guide for noobs like me when you got time?


sum Sure, I can do that.

It just simple installing a webserver, but I’ll write a quick guide today.


I have been finding a way how to do that safe.

Regardless what you have decided, encrypt the wallet first,change password regularly, backup regularly, And not to expose openly.

Second step is building relationship. Currently, Suggesting you to use bitmessage or PGP to run your business. Would you like to corporate with me as I am building something like this? I have figured how roughly, it looks like I will need PGP or Bitmessage for the discussion.

Your client need to know what is the address deposited, and the related Secret Exponent if the client decides to quit or we cannot provide the staking service anymore. BitGO has done that, also code used is traceable. The only question is the client’s self.

In short, if a client decide to use our service, then he/she will need to use bitmessage for the purpose as I am acting like BitGO. And I know the consequence of if I move his/her fund accidentally.

Is possible to get hacked? Well, it depends. Because there is no practical solution to hack bitmessage for the time being, Can you hack the message within 2 days? Also I have warned the user, after writing down the data, then remove the private key of the BM address used.