What's Up With WINDOWS???

Hi Fellow Redd Riders! I have concern/questions regarding the current wallet releases for windows. Looking at the other platforms, the version is stated as being “” , but for Windows (32 & 64 bit) it states only “2.0.1”. This is in regards to the executable installers.
Is this an old build? a typo? or what?
If you look at the windows .zip file, the version is correctly matching. I didn’t notice this until today as I was installing my 4th wallet for another friend that I have turned onto Reddcoin. I may be wrong, but it most certainly appears to me that if only use the .exe installer, I end up will all files and a wallet that are timestamped 05.27.16 and include a ReadMe file with the masthead: “Reddcoin 2.0.0 BETA”.
When I downloaded the .zip separately, I did get new 2018 files. I have attempted to merge these with the install from the .exe and I think it worked, but there is no instruction really. I am very much behind this platform, team, and everything Reddcoin and so is my wallet. I have invested thousands of dollars here and expect a bit better reception for new comers that see a plethora of arrows telling you “Download the greatest newest wallet right here!”… on;y to find out it isn’t… or partly is… or it’s some mystery for you to figure out yourself and hope that it works. I REALLY want this to succeed, and part of that means Ease of Use for normies. Can we please get this right, or fixed, or at least clear, if I’m just missing the boat entirely? It’s practically posted on Every page here. If people wanted lots of hoops to jump through they could get on linux and build themselves a full node using the Geth command line. NO, they just want to tip the guy posting the awesome cat vids everyday. (Please, Forgive my passionate nature, it comes from a good place)