What's your redd rig?

Mining, staking… as things stand now, crypto is not for your average Joe. Maybe that will change soon… ;D

I’ve seen a lot of setups for mining and such, for instance more reddheads are considering a RasPi, or a cheap ASIC, to keep the reddcoins flowing. The good thing is that you can get a RasPi B+ and a couple of Gridseeds or a Fury for around 70 bucks; entry level mining hardware is dirt cheap nowadays.

I’d like to know what are you fellow reddheads using to stake your coins and maybe mine a bit so you can grab a few more at the exchanges. Got a laptop with a busted screen for staking? Maybe a RasPi with a custom case, or a Beagle Board? How about a cheapo chinese HDMI Android dongle? Made a device of some sorts with spare parts? Are you mining as well? Or do you simply use your everyday computer?

So please feel free to post away a pic your “RDD equipment”, i’ve seen weird stuff but i don’t think i’ve seen it all. :slight_smile: Here’s my RDD rig (headless RasPi and a couple of Gridseeds for only 755kH/s, but enough for keeping the tipjar somewhat full).

I’d like to see really weird contraptions! :smiley:

5 year old Sony laptop… AKA “The Bat-Puter”

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Here is my main one. - Description

Nice case cyberfy!

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…wat? O.o’

Is he mining a black hole?


I just unplugged the hdmi from mine, reset it and decided to take a pic. So I picked up my phone and walked back to the rig to get a pic and the psu was smoking with a little flame.

Suppose I better find a new psu

…ouch. The Pi’s PSU? Those little ones between 1A and 2A? Or the miner’s one(s)? In any event that sucks, bigtime… i have mine directly connected to the powered hub, now i’m a bit worried. :confused:

I had one 2oov powering the pi and my asic, looks like it may have just been a connector that burnt.

Edit: Psu seems to be working but I cant seem to get the asic upto full speed

BrownSlaughter said:

Edit: Psu seems to be working but I cant seem to get the asic upto full speed

Crap… which ASIC do you have? If you’re not getting HW maybe you can get all the chips hashing again. HW errors and/or other random crap usually happens if physical damage has been done, but lower overall hashing speed can happen as well…

Ah, the joys of DIY.

EDIT: Maybe your 12v rail got damaged? The 5v one should be OK if the RasPi si running stable. Fire is fire, however small it may be. :confused:

Didi its a Gridseed G blade

its got 2 blades in it, on seems to cause this error
[2014-12-21 16:52:10] 0: Failed reading firmware version
[2014-12-21 16:52:10] 0: Firmware version: 0xffffffff
[2014-12-21 16:52:10] 0: Unknown GC3355 Miner detected (chips=5)

the other seems to be hashing really low

Edit: It might be the rail but I cant seem to find another psu to test :frowning:

I’ve got 10 GC3355 chips (5x2), all hashing perfectly at 898MHz… unless i use an underpowered PSU (e.g. <1w per chip @ 12v), then weird things happen.

Do you have a spare PSU lying around? Let’s hope for the best…

Didi I booted up the miner without the asic usb cables attached then plugged them in and refreshed. its now working about 1mh faster than it normally does lol

Glad to hear!

Can i get some pics please? :smiley:

sure DIY fix mode


Hahaha!! That’s what i meant!

I love those “messy” setups. :smiley:

Didi it does the job it’s supposed to :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone who pays for a pretty one in a case all set up nice and tidy has paid way over what they needed to

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Didi I have my raspi b+ controlling 4 gs orbs at the moment. gets me about 1.3 mhs but I use them on westhash for the btc or sometimes mmr and rent them out. I have 6 asic erupters for 2gh that I use on eobot for mining toward rdd and other things.

Once I get the pi wallet issue sorted I will take a picture of it all and upload it here.

in a week though I will have three antminer s1’s up and running at 180ghs each… then we can watch the rdd fly hopefully into my pi wallet at that point.

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Drakona That’s a pretty decent home mining farm… I wish i was in the states, i wouldn’t mind getting a couple of orbs more - shipping and custom taxes are prohibitive here). Being “sub-Mh/s” is a bit uncool. :stuck_out_tongue:

I could get the orbs mining SHA256 as well (around 11GH/s each in dual mode), but i’m not using 120w for less than pocket change… i’m more comfy with +/- 20w, miners and RasPi combined. :slight_smile:

PS: Am i the only one mining Bunnycoin? O.o

I mined the majority of my holdings on this beast of a water cooled machine, yea, I’m a cool :slight_smile: