When can we see RDD booming

Hello guys,

I am watching most of crypto market showing positive improvement after bitcoin split. We see total market cap already surpassed 100 billion. It seems RDD is stuck at 38-40 sats. When can we see some upward movement so that more investors jump in.

Your thoughts!

who knows? we still have sell walls there I guess. My approach: Forget about the price for maybe another year and start using the coin for staking and tipping.

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Be patient and wait for release of our major features. Continue to spread the word unti then and continue to buy at such a low price. don’t need big whales pumping up, more sustainable if average person little by little begins to join in even with small amounts. But again at least wait for how things go after Redd-ID comes out


Exited for redd-id !! huebby mattly dddthemachine

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ReddheadNavi I really hope you mean “excited” and did not quit :wink:

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huebby hahaha indeed no exit, hodl for life!