When to backup?

When is it advisable to refresh your wallet.dat backups? Is it even necessary?

Is it possible changes to the core software will make older backups obsolete, or no longer accessible?

bigmapidea the timing of backups is largely depending on your usage.

The main things to consider are.
If you are staking only, in that case there is no new address generation occurring. I would suggest once a week.
If you are transacting regularly (sending/receiving coins daily) then i would suggest once a day is more optimal

the technical side of this is, if a new address is generated then back up your wallet
What a lot of people don’t realize is when they send coins, a change address can be generated.
If you dont have a backup of your wallet at that point, you risk losing coins in that address

In regards to the wallet software,
from time to time we will have wallet updates.
But we do try to put a upgrade path in the startup process


Gnasher Good tips, thanks!