When will BIP66 with its strict rules enforced ?

Gnasher how far are we on BIP66 enforcement? :slight_smile:

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Redd Well the last few weeks have been rather turbulant it seems.
I have just started graphing the last 7200 blocks, rather than rely on a text print out

In the last 2 weeks, we did almost hit 80%
But this has now slipped back to a around 72%

Need to get out there and promote it more

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Reddcoin BIP66 v4 block progress
BPP66 Progress

guys, how one update to v2.0 without losing their coins?

reddcoiner welcome
This is a fairly straight forward upgrade, and the existing wallet is compatible

First thing you will want to do is make sure that you have a backup of your wallet.dat (just in case)

Then run the installer for Reddcoin V2.0

Start the wallet

Here is the link to the original post, describing in more detail

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Gnasher thank u

should I just send the coins to the new wallet? or change the wallet.dat in the new one? which one is better?

reddcoiner use your existing wallet.dat file

The reason being, if you want to stake your coins, the coinage will not be lost.
(If you send your coins to a new address, the coinage will reset)

Thought I might try and make a more frequent update on network status
Common User agents


BIP66 Latest Progress
Active Clients

Getting closer. Woohoo!

John, we can have a BIP66 google hangout party session when BIP66 goes live.

altcoinbonanza that would be interesting.
Back in the day, there were quite a few hangout type sessions to celebrate milestones

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Well let’s see once we are very close to the BIP66 day and get a google hangout started. I don’t mind volunteering but I am a dummy when it comes to Google Hangouts. I have done it once and it was hillarious. Maybe someone well versed in GH could lead the pack but I am not afraid to give it a go. I think it would be fun.

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altcoinbonanza love to work with you to bring a google hangout together.

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Great! Let me know as we get closer to the BIP66 finish line and we will go for it. I will let all my reddcoin freinds know and we can promote it as we draw closer I guess. It will be fun.

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Gnasher would it make sense to make a community event, where we all go some time without staking, and then stake at the same time with the new wallet in order to up the BIP66 percentage?

Redd you are correct this would push the number of v4 generated blocks.

I do think we need to create a community effort to push this along

What about a “Staking day” ? everyone who join has to update the wallet, and then … go !

But for how long do we need to NOT stake before this event ?

Is there a way to push a message/notification through the wallet network to all nodes and updated wallets to tell them about this try ?

Is there a way to push a message/notification through the wallet network to all nodes and updated wallets to tell them about this try ?

Currently, I interpreted this as NO: