Where are my reddcoins

My wallet is synced, I send 70,046.59376000 redcoin to it 40 minutes ago,
but it wont show up in the wallet

i send it from: RecQupi4eU3B84wKp87XxGTUQmdEqKNemg
the wallet adress is : RaFBz7SoFe9owGh9zB3eMFyWY3xodroMr9

How to check where the reddcoins are at the moment

I’ll help you… its there :slight_smile: your balance is: 70044.59376 RDD
Sent from account has 101046.59376 RDD correct?

If I helped send a tip :slight_smile:

im jelly of your number of shiny coins :slight_smile:
Are you 100% sure your wallet is synced? what wallet version are you using? and which operating system?

i just realised you mentioned you sent 70,046.59376000 redcoin to a Reddcoin address?
please verify that you did not just send 70k redcoin to a reddcoin wallet, because then it’s all gone. Redcoin and Reddcoin are not the same.
keep calm, breathe… and verify for us.