Where can i buy Reddcoin with Sepa/paypal


It seems like every exchange closed their doors for new users and I would like to get reddcoins as a new user.

Is there still a exchange with Sepa/paypal deposit that did not close their doors?


Best way for now that I know is to use Coinbase to buy some Ethereum or Litecoin.

Then you can sign up at a smaller exchange for now that deals in Reddcoin as well such as:




Just send the Ethereum or Litecoin that you bought to one of these exchanges and trade it for Reddcoin!

Hope that helps!

Or use Coinomi.

You can buy, sell, and exchange in one place.

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speeddemonpro said in Where can i buy Reddcoin with Sepa/paypal:

Or use Coinomi.

You can buy, sell, and exchange in one place.

He’s right. If you don’t want to get coinomi itself, the exchange thing it uses is Shapeshift.io. you can prtty much exchange a lot of crypto for low fees.

Shapeshift has a to high minimum for me… but thanks. I sended money to coinbase lets wait till it arrives on my account

kaaai3 the minimum for ether to rdd is like 10$

OldMajor ooh i see but how much is 2.9e-7 Ether?

kaaai3 wow… No Idea

kaaai3 0.00000029 I think or 0.0000029

0.00000029 would be it… the 7 stands for how many places the 2 moves backwards…

LiteBit is starting to take new users. They slowely accept them by invite. Make sure to sign up and just wait. Could go fast, could go slow. Time will tell, but waiting doesn’t cost anything :slight_smile: