Where can I buy/sell reddcoin?

I’m trying to find a reputable marketplace to exchange crypto currency. Every site I looked at has numerous complaints from countless people. Does anyone have good experience with any site and can recommend me a trustworthy market ?

Bittrex.com Binance.com and Poloniex.com are all good exchanges. Remember though the safest way to store your currency is in your wallet so don’t leave it in an exchange once you are done buying.

The easiest way would be to exchange it with fiat currency on websites like Litebit.

WinterFox Bittrex was my first choice. However, they aren’t allowing new account registrations at the moment. Have you had good experiences with the other 2?

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Yes I like trading on both Polo and Binance better than Bittrex.

Am I missing something? I don’t see RDD available on Binance

Bit_By_Bitcoin Yeah for real, I am waiting to see it listed on binance.

I use coinbase then send LTC to coinomi and use shapshift to convert it to reddcoin.goodluck


Hi Say it in Englisch mabey our Dutch like me

But when I will buy by Litebit.eu they ask me the "Ontvangstadres (wallet) when I put in my wallet ID I get an message "we could’nt check you walletadres , you sure this is the right one? "
Is this OK ?

Yes, I’ve had that aswell. It’s not a problem. You could also use a LiteBit wallet for your purchase and transfer it later. Then the site will check your adres. Don’t know why it’s like that. Maybe a bug in the software or some marketing trick to make you use their wallet.

Tameroro Make sure your have the right Reddcoin wallet adress, otherwise use their wallet using the button next to it and then transfer it. You’ll have your Reddcoins either way.

I’ve had no problems with shapeshift-https://shapeshift.io/#/coins

I transfer eth or litecoin (or another coin) and they exchange it. No account needed, very easy. I’ve used multiple times and no problems for me.

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LiteBit is starting to take new members. They slowely invite new users by mail. So make sure you sign up and just wait…

The supply and verification are still bad, so try to stay calm and check multiple times a day.

Spyburn it’s like that because Reddcoin doesnt have a way to check adresses i think. major coins like bitcoin probably work more closely with litebit so they have it built in for that purpose.

If you are from europe, you can buy Reddcoins here: