Where is Reddcoin Going?

Could somebody please tell me, for the love of God, what’s happening with Reddcoin? all I see are gambling ads, and a guy from time to time pushing that ‘earncrypto’ site where you can earn 50 cents in a month or 2, there has not been anything constructive going on here for ages, and if someone simply asks a question, they are accused to be fudding and are instantly verbally abused wtf?

These days forums in general are not very well used.
I don’t really know what to post and so do the other users.

If you want to see some activity you should join the telegram group.

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I understand, but I think if anything is really happening with the coin that information should be here, as it has always been. I just think that it is not a good look.


I’ve be added to admin privileges and going to make it my goal to keep the place in order and promote the usage of RCT. Stay tuned, we will be making all of our announcements from here on out.

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I just signed up here after reading on telegram about this. I agree that I find less (up to date) info here as when I was following the chat. Anyway, I believe in this coin, because I love what it is aiming to do. Keep up the good work!

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I have to agree with the other users. I have been a Reddcoin supporter for quite some time now.
But to be honest the price of the coin is very weak. The development of the coin also seems to be quite slow the last time. The developer of this coin used to be very proactive what has happened?

Or should we create a new network instead with the core payment methode to be Reddcoin which we then promote as a community?

I wouldnt say this coin is weak if you plot the coin over its life it has tracked very similar to btc and yes its marketcap is very small compared to btc but at $35Mil the coin has good potential. it has stood the test of time in my books being a steady slow moving coin. And also take into consideration the lack of development that has been done on this coin in the past year. I am happy to see the Devs are really giving it a go this year and i can only see good things from this coin the Devs just need to keep the community updated on the happenings. I dont mind seeing heaps of posts from devs, it just shows commitment and provides the community with comfort and a sense of trust.

Go Reddcoin :wink:

Hang on in there guys, the next announcement might get your hopes back up and kicking.

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Is there some good news coming up i hear? Great time to be alive and have some rdd.

ball0r Investors like me who do not speak English do not understand the contents of a telegram group.
In the virtual currency market, the proportion of Koreans and Japanese people is very high, so we need to activate the forum so that they can understand.

do not know about “Reddcoin” because they do not support “Reddcoin” on various platforms. Like Vitaly or Uzzi, you have to actively promote your coin on Twitter and recruit investors.


I partially agree with you but it is not the only way to get the coin well known. Build exclusive services and make exclusive products which are promoted through all the open networks but available through an exclusive platform will make them come to you. We just need Reddcoin community users with skills to get involved in the projects.