Where to buy Reddcoin?


i’ve downloaded the Wallet for Mac. Updated the 3 years 53 weeks of history.
and i would like to buy some Reddcoin to put in my wallet.

  • Bittrex.com ( Trading website) i do not want trade - impossible to find the field Wallet adress to send my coins to)
  • WeSellCrypto.com ( Purchase disabled for the moment)
  • Cryptopia.co.nz (Same as Bittrex, only trading, impossible to buy then send to my wallet)

Help please.
Where to buy some reddcoins, im in France

In Bittrex you can find this address field by clicking on “-” sign in your wallet, behind currency name, hope it helps.

thanks for your help.

but can’t find how to put money in bittrex account, and if i find.
how to buy coins without trading ? i juste want to keep them in wallet

I use https://www.litebit.eu/ myself. I do not know if that is the best but I found them very easy to use and therefore I have kept on using them.

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Thanks for the help.
I did it :slight_smile:

krizzzle i like litebit too, the website look comfortable to use.
But, better for me to pay per card than sepa.

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Happy you liked it as well!