Where to find the crypto-capital of the world?

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Is this your article reddibrek ?

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altcoinbonanza yes it is.

Do you write about crypto? If you would like to then the door is open to publish on reddheads.com. The rules for new authors are simple:

  • All submissions should be around 500 words long minimum.

  • All pieces have to be passed by me and I reserve the right to edit (which in practice I will only do to correct spelling, particularly significant style problems, etc.) and also to reject (which I will almost never do as long as the other rules are followed, although I do insist on a certain level of quality in writing, which is difficult to describe in detail).

  • Authors must provide a short author biography and photo to go with the article (author bios are soon coming to the site).

  • Contributors can write about any project they like including projects that they are personally invested or involved in. But to prevent the site from simply becoming a marketing outlet for writers pushing their projects, the rule is that every other piece submitted must be about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency generally (legislation, the crypto-economy, general adoption, etc.), and the first writing submitted by any author must be one of these pieces (2nd piece can be specific to any project the author desires).

In any case I am open to proposals and suggestions regarding collaborative efforts.

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reddibrek very insightful article. I will hopefully right something soon. Thanks for the protocol.