Who here has a talent for graphic design and a love of RDD?

I have a project that I need the assistance of a good graphic designer to complete. I would like to pay for the work with RDD and would be very happy to find someone in the community to work with.

I am designing a logo for a company and can provide all the details once I have selected someone based on their portfolio. I would need to own the rights to the image and will be selecting only from those who can provide verifiable examples of their work.

Please leave a response here if you are interested and I will follow up with you via PM to discuss the work.

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Edit: Completed, thank you Artscience for your work!

I was surprised only one person responded to his, but thankfully, that person provided me with an excellent piece of work for which I paid in RDD. Thank you to artscience for his/her/their help!

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That’s great Kraatus I am not a really good designer or would have replied
what is your company about ? Crypto or Something else

AkshatBahety My company is not a real company yet, although I fully intend it to be something real very soon. I am looking at a local ethnic bakery/cafe that would fill a much needed niche in my city. When I am up and running I will be looking into how I can incorporate Cryptocurrencies into the business for sure. I know I wouldn’t get much in the way of direct face to face sales from it but I am already working some viable ideas to market some of what the business can offer as an online product, and these things would more likely be successful in a crypto community.

I will of course post as I go, but this is a slow process for me, so updates in this will be few and far between.

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Kraatus That’s great I hope it goes bigger than any other company

i intend to earn thousands of reddcoin, pm me i can do graphics for you.

redish It does say that the task has been completed :slight_smile: Thanks for your interest.

oh… :slight_smile: i’m just too excited to respond the first when its all been done at all. thanks anyway.
hope to find more jobs here.