Who thinks Reddcoin will reach a new low of 40 this month? I do

Based on the current statistics and the frequent merges RDD has a legitimate chance of holding firm and reaching a new low of 40 this month… in my books that is anyway (I know how everyone has their opinions when it comes to crypto analysis).
I want to know the opinion of all the other Reddheads.

I understand how volatile the cryptocurrency markets are, thank-you for your opinion.
I was searching for the opinion of analysts who might see opportunity of any possible, major, fluctuation in the near future and their arguments.

I’m giving my prediction of this mark for any new reddcointalk members that might have any doubts in the future of this coin, I believe 40 will be the new low.

As you say there are developements within RDD and merges we are all eagerly awaiting for and it could blast far beyond 40… given the market it could drop well below… based off of the boom in which Reddcoin took throughout the New Year around the same time as Verge and Dogecoin, watching the three bounce off one another created a small catalyst resulting in Reddcoin climbing higher than ever before.

I’m excited to see what happens between Jan - Feb