Who would be interessed in sponsoring a event/person/ cause/ companie/ ect.

The reason I ask this is because dogecoin has donne this before, and it has gained them a good reputation. So I am posting this to see who is interested and getting reddcoin known about to the people who look at these subjected potential sponsor ship for people who dont know crypto currencies. Fyi I may put a reddcoin logo on my future business, to tell people i accept reddcoin.

Real life adoption and usage is what reddcoin is all about!

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yes, this is why i proposed this idea. we msut make people world wide see it like real currencies, and that it can do much more then the real money.

I’m interested in accepting Reddcoin on my own website, tho I’m only technically(technologically?) literate on a very basic level. I’ve only just started looking myself - I’m definitely no programmer - but do you know of anywhere I could look to help to make this possible?

Asha well first are you the one that made the website( exaple you used wix or weebly) or you had a web developer make it for you ? Because I can propably help you with the basics of accepting it

Reddcoinnoob My site is run through Shopify, and I do all the management of … Well everything Shopify doesn’t do itself.

Asha may you show me the site in question? and i believe you can edit a few things in shopify

Reddcoinnoob Not sure if it’s okay for me to post it publicly like this(haven’t been too thorough with the TOS yet,) so I’ll send it in chat.

If you are accepting, or wanting to use and promote Reddcoin in your business you are free to do so on this site.

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That’s cool, thank you very much. For anyone interested my site is http://www.critterama.com

I’ll be sure to let everyone know if I can get this working!