Why do you believe in reddcoin (I want to help with marketing)

I recently invested in Reddcoin and even bought some more today. So now I’m thinking about how to help to spread the word about reddcoin. I am pretty good at online marketing and do a lot of display advertising. I was thinking about starting different campaings to make reddcoin more well know and popular. I basically want to share why reddcoin is what they need not invest in.
So I got 2 questions
1: why do you have reddcoins? In order to get the best return I want to know why you believe in reddcoin.
2: To get as much people in as possible I want to show them where they can get free reddcoins. I know reddcoinfaucet and Earncrypto but are there more?

I would also love to help with marketing.

Adult Swim does advertising. It is a great way to get the name out there.

We would have to come together and either make many emails or think together as a community and make on very convincing email.