Why my wallet synchronizing so long?


i want to Staking Reddcoin , I also downloaded block file but synchronizing 2 day left. Give me solution so boring :frowning:

alt text


It can be a UpNP , firewall , portmap problem. Is your computer building enough connections to the network ? My computer did it in 16 - 20 hr, with about 31 connections.

Port 45444 TCP has to be open from the outside to inside ip of your computer.


I got mine up and running in 10 minutes, just download the reddcoin block file from http://cryptochainer.com/, its approx a 2~3GB download, then go to your reddcoin directory and replace the files with these. Mine was 2 days behind after replacing the files but that will only take another 5 minutes.

Good luck!


Here is a direct link for downloading the blocks


amrulshare mine also took 3 days.and I had my wallet open 24/7
but now i see there are faster ways . If only I knew then :slight_smile:


Downloading the block chain from a source you don’t know or cannot trust is an bad idea. As is mentioned here: https://www.reddcointalk.org/topic/1184/reddcoin-sync-slow-here-is-a-solution-thats-10x-faster/2

Using the fastest computer you can get hold of is a better idea. Faster, although still time consuming.


Deathtrapz sorry my ignorance I forgot where I can find the reddcoin directory? where is that? Thanks