Why not RDD! this is not a question!

Expect that the monetary system of the world will remain unchanged. Is probably as a foolish and when people did not expect the phone to be more than a bubble.It is not only foolish but also arrogant.

This `telephone’ has too many shortcomings to
be seriously considered as a practical form of communication.
The device is inherently of no value to us.

Monetary system of the world will change it is not a a question! And that system that will take over or live next to the current system will someday change into something else.

And I say why not RDD! RDD may well become one of these systems, it depends not on who was first with the idea of Bitcoin Dogecoin or Reddcoin it depends on those who continue with the idea. AndI bet on that RDD can become something stronger as I hope other coins be strong too.

And here is a good video to get power from and to give you a better direction,

Elon Musk

Hi there


This has stopped from more than a month.

I know Dev’s are taking the project to a hobby level, but at least concentrate in one feature at a time. And deliver it. I started a company and it failed nice for me. What was the problem? Financial. No money. Everybody likes the idea but no one want’s to make the ride. I will continue my quest on my project in part time.

What do you expect from a community? Nothing?! if that is the goal of a community then you failed already. I really saw people with passion and with some perfectionism last summer. I would like to see where they are! Maybe a statement to the community to stop believing in the project as a currency. If not take it by the balls and prove me I am wrong .

An Android wallet is all we need! No one conquers the world in one day…


Hey Oliver! A few points according to my understanding (someone please correct me if I’m wrong):

-most of the development is taking place outside of github
-the last update on github doesn’t necessarily mean that no work has been done since
-the Android wallet is on schedule as per BRM’s last update


I know man but in the last reddheads question the interview ends with a phrase I don’t find to much inspiring, just that:

RH: To return to Reddcoin for the tenth and last question, what do you have in mind for the project for the rest of 2015? When Social X is complete how do you see the project developing from that point?

Jonathan: It’s hard to tell how the cryptocurrency world will evolve over the next years but I hope we will see the next Bitcoin hype phase soon. The whole crypto scene definitely needs some help from its big brother to bring new enthusiasts to these great technologies! It’s also hard to tell where Reddcoin will be after Social X but what I know is that Social X has the potential to bring cryptocurrency to mass adoption. Time will tell if it will happen.

It is a question I have… It will happen adoption or it will ever be developed?

I want to help and for now on I’m able to talk skype to understand some of the problems and try to find solutions within my reach, but I think we have to understand where the developers the MAIN people responsible for the infrastructure have their mind set. If community pushes one way and the Devs don’t follow or the other way around, the project will never be cohesive…

I’m one of the guys who still think this is the most viable project in cryptoworld for wide adoption. I do! The mind set and the clear vision presented is still valid! But as many of you know just believing is not enough to made a success…