Why Sell low?!

I wonder why people are selling their RDDs for such a low prices at 76 to 80 Satoshi at the time of this post while there are more pointless coins which are holding higher prices easy above 100 to 130 Satoshi … so why is that?!! I mean lots of other coins went from less than 1 cent to 30 cents and to 10 cents … and they came back down to 2 cents and 6 cents respectively. RDD looks so professional & modern so why it ain’t taking it’s right place between the rest of the coins at 5 to 10 cents or even more … i truly dunno why …!

a lot of fud because the deadlines have not been met

Before summer Reddcoin will be between 1 to 1.5 USD. If you dont believe me just wait for 1 month and check how price will rocket soon

Everybody asks me why Redds will be the most popular currency in summer ,why not litecoin. Alright calm down i will explain you. First of all it’s one of the cheapest currencies so far. So, when you compare it to Bitcoin or Litecoin you might choose Rreddcoin simply because you may have a bigger quantity.The number 2 reason is miners. Most of the miners stop mining most of the coins in summer, so then you might say : well if they stop mining the demand for that mined currency will rise. Partly yes, however most of the buyers want not just coins , could rise in price, they want their investment protection, which is Reddcoin stacking function, no matter if prices are up or low users will get an annual income, which depends on coins age could be even generated daily. So, why Reddcoins? Simply because in summer miners, most of the miners will try to find some new source of income , and that will be POS STACKING
3rd reason is the market cap which is actually growing at very high speed. 4th reason is a new Reddcoin owned trading platform which is under development, all users hopefully will be able to trade Reddsback and forth using most of the worldwide common currencies. My guess here will be USD for sure
So i hope my predictions were described clear enough
Thanks for my work evaluation: