will dogecoin hit 1.00$ in 2018 ? what do you guys think ?

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let me know your replies below
dogecoin seen as a joke currency is now

  1. one of the top 10 currencies out of all coinmarketcap currencies
  2. has 1 billion marketcap
  3. john mccafee has announced it as coin of the week.

what do you guys think ?

I doubt that it’ll hit $1 this year… As you say, it’s seen as a joke currency. I personally love using DOGE (and have bought a good portion of the RDD I currently own with DOGE), but others still just see it as a joke/meme. $0.10 or even $0.25 seems a reasonable price for DOGE to hit over this year, but I can’t see it going much more (other than for very brief spikes). But who knows? I hope I’m proved wrong on this!


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