will i still be able to retrieve RDD coins if I deleted the whole wallet? Help?!

I purchased 8K of RDD prior to doing the sync, After I downloaded the wallet from the website I was shocked that I had to sync it ( 3 years and 23 weeks ) to be exact, I panicked and tried to look for ways on how I can shorten this timeframe. I found out a short cut where it said to download the bootstrap file. I followed the steps provided in the youtube video but the sync was stucked so I decided to just UNINSTALL AND HAVE A FRESH INSTALLATION OF the wallet. After syncing the wallet for over 24 hours, I am still not able to see my balance but I do have the transaction details? Will anyone be able to help me? Thanks

The time estimation is inaccurate. Even on mid-tier systems it will take 2 days max. With the bootstrap this can be shorter, but you should keep the application running. It’s freezing, but that’s normal, since it fully utilizes the CPU on the threads it’s able to use.

as of right now, the wallet does seem to be synced already but still no coins or history of the transaction. I have the address where the coins were sent and the txid but i dont know how I will be able to update the wallet…I have checked the transaction tab but nothing T_T losing hope. its just $15 worth of RDD but I just want to see if its still possible. If not then I am just gonna let it go - Thanks for the response by the way, appreciate!

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Did you import the private key of that address manually? If so, use the ‘-rescan’ parameter when starting the wallet.

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I’m not really sure how to do that? > getting the private key and how to do the “-rescan”
. sorry noob here

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What’s the blockcount you see when hovering the icon in the bottom right corner of the wallet?

sidiuos2012 Did you gave the address of your Reddcoin wallet (which you have downloaded) ?

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miteshm no I have it,should I give it?

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cryptohero thank you sir!

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I hope you didn’t delete the wallet.dat file that was generated by your first install. That most likely held the private key your funds belong to. https://wiki.reddcoin.com/index.php/Troubleshooting (ignore the SSL error)

yup! thats exactly what I did, I deleted it :(. I am trying to see if I can retrieve it by using a third party program EaseUS Data recovery. Hopefully it will be good

My suggestion is to keep copy of your wallet.dat file on flashdrive, that you doesnt use for anything else in case if something wipes out / damages your hard drive etc.