Will we need to resync from scratch?

With the new V2 coming up? also is there a block explorer that shows how many coins are staking?

bbbooor so far with my testing, a resync is not required.
But in some circumstances it may need to reindex (Reddcoin keeps a full index of the blockchain)

With this upgrade it is recommended to make a backup of the data directory and the wallet.dat

I figure the way to do this is FILE/ BACK UP WALLET then you name your back up?

Reddcoinnoob assuming you are on windows

The easiest way is to browse to C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming

find the Reddcoin folder and make a copy of it.
This directory contains all the blockchain and wallet data.

You can also do a file/backup wallet to backup, but it will only make a copy of your wallet.

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thanks for the great info sir.