Windows 7 0 active connections

Good afternoon. I installed a new wallet (64, windows 7). 0 active connections. What could be the reason?

Hi there,

I had a similar problem that I just resolved. My wallet stopped syncing and I had 0 active connections.

If you have just installed your wallet, then you can download the blockchain from this site so you’ll catch up on syncing a lot faster AND it replaces the peers.dat file in your Reddcoin folder which should help you connect to the nodes you need to get to.

So go to that page and find the Reddcoin blockchain - download it.

It will download as a zip file. Extract the files to wherever you can access them. THEN you need to find your Reddcoin folder.

On Windows it is in C:\Users\ Your name\AppData\Roaming\Reddcoin\

AppData is a hidden folder, so you won’t see it by browsing to it - you’ll have to type that address in to your file explorer address area.

Then COPY all of the files from the .zip file that you’ve extracted OVER the files in your Reddcoin folder. Doing that will replace the blockchain and get you up to speed through the last few weeks and will give you a good Peers.dat file to work with so you’ll have active connections to continue syncing.

This should not touch your wallet.dat file also in the Reddcoin folder, but just in case, make sure that you copy the wallet.dat file to a safe location. THIS is the file that stores your private key and your reddcoin balances. You never want to lose that puppy.

Hope this helps!