Worldwide Rdd mobile scavenger hunt

Hey Guys & Gals

Once we have a Reddcoin mobile wallet how about creating a pile of Reddcoin stickers that display the Reddcoin logo and a specially loaded wallet’s private key in the form of a QR code. We could all take it upon ourselves to hide them around the major city’s of the world and drop hints on Twitter as to where to find them.

This will hopefully get a bunch of people actively seeking them based on the clues we drop and help encourage and spread the word about Reddcoin (Homepage URL on the sticker as well)

finitered It’s the once we are stuck into… It’s going to take a bit… there are more important services to cover like the social tipping platform.

Mean while you can use the Coinomi app with reddcoin wallet for mobile integration.

They use a nice passphrase generated seed for your funds.

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This is a great idea, but timing is going to be critical. I think it would have the most effect around the time social x is complete.

I like the idea and would love to help you in this. I could start planting those codes in ingress portal locations to raise awareness in the ingress community. I’m sure many people in there would be interested.

This is a bit similar to the location based, augmented reality game app I suggested in this topic. Making it into an app would allow things like refilling the stashes.

EDIT: Here’s a QR code I made for my donation address. What do you think?

Donate QR-code

If you want to make your own go to unitag QR-code generator. Send me a message if you want the overlay image for it :slight_smile:


Toxip Coolest QR code ever! :slight_smile: