Wrong wallet address?

Hi all,

Made a very unfortunate copy/paste error when sending some of my Reddcoins from my exchange (Coinspot.com.au) to my Reddcoin Core wallet last night.

Long story short the address was way wrong, any chance at all of getting them back? I have contacted the exchange because the address used was a short number (579275 for example) and nowhere near the correct length of characters for a public address key in a wallet.

I’m working off the assumption they are most likely gone but any help would be appreciated if anyone has made a similar mistake.

I think it will depend on whether the exchange has sent them yet… If not, there may still be a chance to recover them, but if they have, I have a nasty feeling that they’re gone :confused:

CaffeinatedSloth Yeah the transaction is completed :(, but i dont understand how it could be, if the receive address I sent it to isnt a valid key. It wasn’t even the right length of characters.

Hmm… I’m not sure then… What did the exchange say?

CaffeinatedSloth I only put the ticket in a few hours ago, I received an automated message saying it can take 48 hours for a response. But not sure if that is 48 hours or 2 business days, I wont know until the end of the weekend in any case, apparently there is a backlog of customer support tickets :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’ve just put a lot of RDD into the wallet and am staking it waiting for the kickoff in vlaue next year. In the meantime I hope to be able to recoup some of the loss through some interday trading.

Thanks for your reply mate. Also… epic username lol

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johnvictor2488 I hope all works out well for you then! Keep us all updated as to what happens :slight_smile:

No problems for the reply - we’re all here to help one another :smiley: And thanks :slight_smile: I love caffeine and sloths, so it was a natural combo! :smiley: (Is it epic enough to receive a tip? :wink: (just kidding :slight_smile: )


did anything happen here? Ive had the exact same issue, I even copied and pasted the address but bumped a q on the end. It was ALOT of coins so very upset :frowning: