WTF is this!!!

I remember the fake subs and them getting confirmed but what’s the rest about?

I feel like Jonathan is overprotective of his coin. The buy and sell walls are his. When I sold 30 million Reddcoin it was all bought by the same buyer. That’s what the IPO money is currently used for, and also the reason why I left Reddcoin. I really don’t like a market that is not free. Let the market decide the price, not the devs.


First off, welcome to the forum. I didn´t spot that thread since it was deleted and I don´t have any background knowledge, so obviously I can´t help you out with any sort of “truth”, but I have some “truisms” that might shed light onto this issue therefore I hope noone will delete this thread for alleged fudding.

I think it´s always good to start with assuming everything said is true and then check how that truth would make any sense. I found that a good strategy due to the fact that with cryptocurrency trolling is a very important factor, because it dpes not only cost people anything (as with every trolling) but can have serious financial effects.

Let´s assume that everything this person said was true:

EDIT: The orginal post has been deleted, the user referred to this post in this thread

  1. He*she bought “hundreds of millions” RDD
  2. Later found out there were fake followers
  3. Was told to go away
  4. Knew that the fake followers were created by the developers
  5. Cashed out at peak and bought himself a car with the money
  6. Posted this post
  7. Was **paid **for writing the line: “Congrats to all the people who stayed on and believed in redd you can now reep the rewards. The price still has a long way to do so hang in there ;)” by “someone behind Reddcoin” to “hype everyone up”
  8. Was on holiday for a while and is now back to tell the truth
  9. Tells that he made a lot of money and asks the reader to imagine how much more the developers made

Reddit investigator tells us that this person created his account when Reddcoin started, supposedly came from Dogecoin but only had 8 posts there, while he has more than 368 posts on Reddcoin.

There are several dodgy things to me. First and foremost: A person that buys money to sell it later at a higher value and then suggests to others that this is the way to roll, either believes in Ponzi schemes or wanted to promote a Ponzi scheme. No matter which currency lives on cashing out, that´s a contradiction by itself. Since I am in involved I read a lot of these types of posts everywhere. When Reddcoin peaked, those who were in only to make money cashed out, leaving those who believed in the currency. From exchange rates you can see that this happened to many coins - unfortunately because it leaves some idealist with high discrepancies between current price and buy-in price.

What I am saying here: this attitude is already fishy or stupid. Then, the user claims that he was hired to write a sentence. I can´t see any proof, even though it should be easy to present. He could name the amount, show the transaction and, of course, the person who paid him, or at least the nickname. Beside that: what´s so special with that sentence? Even someone told him to stir the buzz, wouldn´t the car be the guine buzz-incentive and not that sentence?

Then, the user goes on holiday to come back for telling the truth? Sorry, but that sounds like a really strange motivation. But in general, it´s interesting to think what the motivation could be here, since the user profited a lot when things are true as he said.

I also don´t see where there is any proof that Reddcoin is a pump & dump. Point is, that proving a P&D is practically in most cases impossible. So either the user knows more because he was involved or he is lying or - what I find most likely - he simply assumes it. However, just assuming it does not really justify the statements that he made. He would need to provide the necessary proof and as I said, there should be plenty of possibilities to do that since he was addressed directly.

So yeah, I think this is a highly doubtful post and before getting into WTF mode I think we would need more information that the user rejected to provide.


BasicallySimple Do you mind providing ANY sort of proof that will show that the buy and sell walls are Jonathan`s? And also proof for the stated fact that the IPO money is used for buying RDD?


I’m just going to say that i also got “into trouble” for bringing up stuff like that in the past. My posts just got deleted even when i waited for almost a month so the reddit metrics would talk for themselves. No luck, got censored.

Those of us that have been in here for a year already (i.e.from the beginning) know that this kind of thing has been done not once… or twice. “Shady” things happened in the past and “shady” things are going on as i type, but i came to accept it and just let it be. If you’re going to run a ~business~ in an extremely competitive market stuff like this will happen if you’re really aiming high.

Having said that, a lot of reddheads proudly claim that the most smart people they know end up chosing RDD. And i doo too. I know that many controversial actions/decisions have happened (and still happen) behind the scenes without any knowledge from the community, but while not trying to justify (or agree with) any of that i can understand why it has been done. Furthermore, and that may be the most important point - for me at least - is that i’ve really seen a change for the better in terms of transparency which i really welcomed (and needed, in all honesty).

Removed and banned for obvious lies/FUD.

There’s some truth in that (how much, it’s between you and him), so please don’t say obvious when it’s not. It’s fine if you don’t want to tell the whole story, but some of us know that “something” happened so writting him off like that doesn’t feel right.

TL:DR; Things happenned. Things are happening. If you, like me, have faith in RDD’s long terms success you have to accept both the good and the bad. That’s life for you.


The person “Franklin” was with reddcoin from the start making various faucets, he gave out over 60 million reddcoin to people and one of the persons he gave some to came back to thank him because the reddcoin he received turned into like $4,000 at the peak.

The only reason I think there is truth to this is because Franklin was a massive contributor to reddcoin and the devs have deleted post like these in the past from others. Why would he post that in reddit when he was a big part of reddcoin? Only thing I can think of is something happened.

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Hey guys well I was asked here to elaborate on this situation.

First I would like to say that yes what I said is true, I’m currently trying to track down someone else who was involved over skype and we are going to get everything we have on this then post it. Other posts have also vanished from reddit about this but we will be tracking these down and the person I’m trying to track has info on those.

Second to answer some of the things you have written artiscience.

I came from Dogecoin? Well not really I was a massive investor in bitcoin and I’ve been around since BTC was like $5 I never used reddit until I had an interest in Dogecoin hence why it looks like I came from there :slight_smile: This “Reddit investigator” Isn’t really a great source of information.

Yes I did buy “hundreds of millions” (more on this below) when reddcoin was worth nothing but I also had a minning machine that got me around 500 Million coins hence why I held on to them even though I knew the followers were fake and I cashed out at the peak. I kept all my Reddcoin and cashed out at the peak because I know it was going to get pumped and I wasn’t the only one who knew but anyone that mentioned it got banned. I had nothing to lose so I stuck it out until I thought it was the right time to sell.

Once I bought that car I left reddcoin behind and just kept my mouth shut but after coming back from holiday I thought reddcoin would of just died off like all the other coins but it hasn’t and this is because the devs are controlling it big time and that just pisses me off that they still string people along. There is nothing to hold reddcoin steady apart from the devs… they have the most reddcoin they own a massive chunk of it.

“A person that buys money to sell it later at a higher value and then suggests to others that this is the way to roll” I never really bought much I mined most of mine I just said bought “hundreds of millions” because it doesn’t really matter how I got them. I was also asked to say that plus things in the comment section of that post I just didn’t mention that in the post above. I was approached by someone from reddcoin after I posted the car post asking me to edit it for some reddcoin.

Yes I was paid in REDD to say some things in that post and why did I do it? well hell it’s money why not.

Reddcoin use to be thriving with faucets, casinos and the Redd APi but now it’s all gone due to issues.
If you have any questions feel free to ask but I can assure you this has come up in the past and the delete and ban button has been used on them every time.


FranklinClints “Money, profit, cars, scams, pumps, $1000s, FUD, blah blah blah”

I’ve got to say, Clints, the first time I read your posts on reddit over 6 months ago I was instantly put off.

I openly replied to one or two of your threads suggesting that only talking about cars and millions was a real downer for the community. I guess you were paid in REDD for your entire FranklinClints reddit personality eh? :slight_smile:



So you claim you were aware of a scam but kept shut because you profited. You claim that you were paid to make other people buy more RDD so the Ponzi works better. Will you at least admit that this raises questions about your integrity?

Anyway, I am mostly agnostic when it comes to this kind of revelations, so I am interested in what you have to say. For know I don´t get why you have problems to provide proof that are more than your words. If there was a communication, you should be able to present it and to refer to a specific person, otherwise, yes, it sounds dodgy.

And again, I don´t see how that specific sentence was so relevant. If someone asked you to pretend you made a fortune on RDD and tell that on Reddit, that would be absolutely distressing. It would also be relevant to know whether this was a developer or another person that, like you, had interest in a rising exchange rate.

I agree with Didi, bad things surely happen and happened. They did with every currency I looked into it, including Bitcoin. I also agree that every service shut down is a loss at the moment. However, there are more relevant things to happen than ReddAPI and as SocialX did not arrive this is obviously speculation, but I don´t see your general issue with speculation. If things are true as you write you are a gambler, so you should understand that people don´t rely on what is but on what can be.

Having said this I repeat my questions:

  1. Who asked you to write that specific sentence?
  2. How much did you receive?
  3. When was that?
  4. What is the transaction ID?
  5. Provide a source of the communication?
  6. Where is your proof for Reddcoin being anything but pump & dump?

Oh and concerning this

“A person that buys money to sell it later at a higher value and then suggests to others that this is the way to roll”

it doesn´t really matter if you bought in or mined. Fact is that there is NO WAY that all people could EVER profit of selling off a currency. Basic economic understanding and still this is what people cheer all over the cryptocurrency forums: “We all gonna be rich”. Only those who sell off first can skim off the money that others paid. Some of the investors were also anything but greedy, but some just wanted to invest in a currency and a currency is best when it is not treated as speculative good. If you seriously believed that the growth that RDD experienced back then were sustainable, you were either very naive or stupid. Of course, it couldn´t sustain.

Anyway, this all doesn´t matter. Please provide answers to the raised questions.


To be honest it would seem most of this is exaggerated half truths to make it all seem plausable. yes I have seen heavy handed moderation in the past and I spoke out about it.

Claiming all sell walls are the devs are just plain stupid, all coins have sell walls, do you think its a huge dev conspiracy? no its simple arbitrage, if you have a lot of coins you just set up a bot to buy at one price and sell at another - if you buy 5 million coins at 9 sats and sell the same 5million at 10 sats you are making 5million sats every time you do it, get loads of people trying to do this and you get walls.

Trying to make arbitrage seem like a conspiracy is FUD and every coin will delete posts like that.


As ive requested many times lately, the devs need to stick up some good updates on where things are heading and whats going on behind the scenes.

Its beginning to sound like nothing is happening. I just hope im wrong…


Well yeah… he sold 20 million and he is ready to buy cheaper… don’t bite people he just want to buy another car!
This seems like accumulation to me.
The coin is solid and dev team is pro.
Pump n dump is happening to a lot of trash coins but is happening to bitcoin too. That is free market. Also is not bad to gain some popularity through a pump. This gives some more value to the coin in the end.

Just keep your trust and all is good. Don’t forget that this scene is decentralized and open source. That means it will die if we kill it or if we die all :smiley:


BasicallySimple 30 million RDD is only like… 2.8 BTC at the current price. What makes you think you sold to a dev rather than anybody else? Seems like quite a leap.

livefromheaven I know right, while btc is cheap I am hoping to buy around 5 and snapping up some cheap rdd soon

Hi FranklinClints,

You’ll have to specify who paid you to say that (and hopefully provide some proof). The devs have taken a no-hype/low-hype stance in recent months so they’ve either seriously revised their philosophy or it wasn’t one of them at all. In any case, drumming up publicity is not indicative of a pump-and-dump. Legitimate coins need attention too.


The RDD was not bought by the devs. I’ve bought 3.5 BTC worth myself since Friday. When you saw all the RDD that was dumbed bought by one person, that very well could have been me. The market is crazy slow yes, but don’t go thinking that there’s some dev manipulation going on. Normal people along with a sprinkling of trading bots are in the market.

Someone who is behind reddcoin dosent make him a dev. If you know who it is then flat out say it if your actually being honest and coming forward. A theory i have about this situation is that there is a person who is/was trying to P&D Reddcoin, the fake sub counts is obvious of that. I also remember those hype posts(the coming soon curtains) in the subreddit from BTCillionare irc correctly. Pretty sure that he was the person responsible for the subbreddit redesign so I know he had contact with the devs. Its possible that him and other actors colluded to try and make reddcoin a P&D(there is no doubt in my mind that /u/laudney is honest. He has the skills to run a chain of alt-coin P&Ds and there is continually work put into this coin that does NOT pump the price). Who are those actors? IDK and someone should fact check this. As for FranklinClints , it seems that you bought in early, promoted the coin then sold at the peak. Now that reddcoin has accomplished MANY upon MANY feats you are conveniently back to only chime in on the negatives (REDDAPI, one casino closing regardless of REDDice.ME being successful ) and not bring up positives.

Personally sounds like your trying to drop the price alil so you can get in cheap then sell at the peak again, ive got some btc ive been slowly racking up waiting for a man like you to come through.



What do the Devs have to say? Provide some insight for the rest of the community. Whether it happened or not it is done. It would still be nice to hear the devs position and how you word your answer. Again I do not care about what has happened in the past. My questions to the devs is simply about character. Hopefully you can provide some insight guys.

I purchased another 19btc worth last week in one buy order (they were sold to me in various chunks) so its not hard to imagine others doing the same as far as I am concerned.

But if this sudden act of concience you seem to be having works to bring down the price, I say to that… let’s do this.