YouTube - Pete & Ash

We’re not a very big YouTube channel. Seriously trying to grow though!

I’ve just added our tipping links at the bottom of every one of our videos. Even if they only reach a few individuals, at least I know I’m doing something to spread the word!

Feel free to visit our channel & share our videos with friends/family or on social media. Every piece of word of mouth is much appreciated!

That’s amazing! With something like this, I’m inclined to try watching your videos purely on the Reddcoin basis before even knowing about your channel :slight_smile: If you can, try to spread the word and get other creators to do the same!!

I’d put your channel link in your signature if I were you and let people know you accept Reddcoin there - hopefully people will see it and visit and maybe even tip you :slight_smile:

Edit: Just watched your Iceland/Blue Lagoon video and it was great! We went there over Summer and I’ve never experienced anything like the Blue Lagoon! Definitely worth another visit :slight_smile: I sent you 25RDD too to show my love for the video and to get your ball rolling with tippers :slight_smile:


CaffeinatedSloth thank you so much for the tip!! My first one :smiley: much appreciated. I’m also commenting on other videos, mentioning that I’d like to tip them! Do they have a wallet/has etc :slight_smile:

No worries :slight_smile: Loved the video! And that’s great! Hopefully there’s an uptake from at least a few of them :slight_smile:


Thanks! Appreciate the feedback.

Me and Pete will be looking to do a video on ReddCoin in the near future! Just planning our content at the moment.

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Amazing - let us all know when it’s out! :smiley: